They`re Twins ^_^

22 Nov

Adelia & Anindya, twins

Girls, 7 Month, do you know the difference?


Today we`re goin to baby spa, look in to my cute face guys ^,^



kid : What`s goin on mom? kok tangan sama kaki GUEEE di tarik-tarik nich?

Mom : do you like it? do you feel it? do you enjoy it?? it`s massage, you know?


This is awesome!! i can`t stop smiling dad ^,^ am doin yoga now


I know, i know, its my first time :<


Dad, i can`t see your face! motoin apa sih?? hehe

Thanks for comin Mr & Ms Hidayat, also fore the cute twins, let`s meet again next time ^_^


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